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Considering Enhancing Your Smile with Dental Veneers?

If you’re contemplating dental veneers to enhance your smile, look no further than your Dentist Hawthorn. Our Hawthorn branch boasts a team of dentists well-versed in the art of veneers, ensuring a seamless experience for your cosmetic dentistry needs. Experience minimal discomfort and maximum results as we transform your smile in just two visits!

Transform Your Smile with Your Dentist Hawthorn Veneers!

Your Dentist Hawthorn offers porcelain veneers that can address a range of dental imperfections. Dental veneers can be utilised to correct darkened or discoloured teeth, chipped or worn teeth, we can even use veneers to straighten a tooth that is slightly out of alignment instead of using costly braces (in some cases, not all!). Veneers are the simplest way to create a symmetrical, dazzling smile.  

Our veneers promise a sparkling, radiant smile that can truly redefine your facial appearance. Step into confidence with our stunning veneers and embrace a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

What Is A Veneer? 

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that sit over your existing tooth. There is minimal preparation of your tooth to place a veneer, so it is minimally invasive. 

The Veneer Procedure

At your procedure we will numb the teeth we are going to work on. We then shape the teeth to be able to take or “fit” the veneers. Once the shaping of your natural teeth is finalised, we take an impression that our dental technicians will use to fabricate the permanent veneers. You will leave this visit with temporary (plastic/resin style material) veneers so your smile still looks good in the interim. Sometimes patients will experience slight sensitivity at this stage as the plastic resin doesn’t insulate the teeth quite as well as the porcelain. We advise our patients not to eat anything too cold during this time. 

You will need to wear the temporary veneers for a week or so while our dental technicians design the veneers to match with your existing teeth, or create a whole new smile depending on how many veneers you have chosen to have. 

Once the technicians have completed their work of art, we have you return to the dental practice where we gently remove the temporary veneers and place or “try in” the permanent porcelain veneers. 

At this stage we seat the veneers in place and ask you to have a look at your new smile in the mirror! If there are adjustments, we can send them back to the technicians to make any alterations you require.  If you are happy with the colour, length and shape of your new smile, we cement them in with permanent cement and you will have your brilliant new smile straight away! 

There is no simpler way to get the smile of your dreams than with a full set of porcelain veneers. Enquire with one of our dentists today to see if porcelain veneers are suitable for you. 

Contact the team at Your Dentist Hawthorn today to book in a free consult!