Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Dentist Hawthorn offers a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve that perfect smile ! We use a Victorian dental laboratory based in Beaumaris for fabricating your dental prosthesis. Each case is custom-made to fit your teeth. We match the color, and shape to blend seamlessly with your smile .


Save Your Teeth With Dental Crowns

Sometimes no matter how we take good care of our teeth, something happens. For example a cavity forms on what used to be healthy tooth or you accidentally bit a chicken bone and cracked a molar. These instances warrant a visit to our dentist, who may recommend dental crowns.

Crowns vs. Fillings

A porcelain crown is like a cap cemented onto your natural tooth to restore its appearance and function. It’s different from a filling because the latter is used to fill a cavity or a crack in a tooth. A crown is used to cover the entire portion of the tooth above the gum line to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further breakdown. Lady With Good Teeth Having Check Up It’s also built to mimic the natural shape of the teeth. On top of that, it improves the shape of your tooth and its alignment with the other teeth.

Saving the Teeth

Restoring the contour of a tooth is important in maintaining its function and its health. This is why crowns are ideal for damaged or fractured teeth. Accidents that alter the natural shape of the teeth make them susceptible to buildup of food debris, bacteria, and later, decay.

There are several instances when a crown is necessary. Teeth that have been broken or damaged by decay or subject to root canal treatment are good candidates for dental crowns. The purpose is to strengthen the teeth, prevent further destruction of the enamel, and prevent complications due to damage and decay.


Porcelain veneers and/or crowns are used to fix not just discolored teeth but gaps, jagged and irregularly shaped teeth. They don’t physically correct the alignment of the teeth but they create the illusion of a perfect mouth without the lengthy and tediousness of orthodontics. Veneers can be performed on only a couple of teeth, a lot of teeth in a short time or a lot of teeth over a longer period of time. In conjunction with teeth whitening a fresh natural result can be achieved. 


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