Comprehensive Checkup & Clean


Visiting the Your Dentist Hawthorn team twice per year for regular examinations and teeth cleaning is the best preventive measure you can take for your teeth.

On occasion more frequent examinations are required to those more vulnerable; Smokers, diabetes sufferers, patients undertaking treatment for cancer and pregnant women often find this beneficial. Talk to our dentists at your next visit.

Dental Examinations:

Teeth examinations are the first step to great oral health. A thorough dental exam includes:

  • Assessing each individual tooth. In some cases, we can identify decay in its early stages preventing bigger more expensive treatment if left unnoticed.
  • Inspection of gum and soft tissue health. Receding and bleeding gums are signs of gum disease or gingivitis that can eventually lead to tooth loss.
  • Analysis of the bite or occlusion of the teeth surfaces meeting. One of Dr Zukerman’s specialties! Lady Having Her Teeth Cleaned
  • Reinforcement of oral hygiene. During cleaning our dentists can teach you how to properly brush and floss your teeth, effectively removing food particles and debris in between teeth.

Teeth Cleaning:

Did you know it is almost impossible for you to clean the tartar build up that naturally occurs on your teeth?

Our YDH team have the latest dental cleaning equipment for cleaning procedures that remove this tartar (also known as scale) build up in a flash.

Follow this up with a polish using our special high fluoride paste to buff the surface of the teeth and remove staining.

Often your private health insurance will cover your annual check up and clean 100%.

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