Missing a tooth can cause embarrassment and loss of self-esteem, but not anymore. Our team of dentists can offer a number of options to restore your smile. One of the most preferred is dental implant restoration.

This procedure is a modern answer to missing teeth, which other options (e.g. dentures or bridges) cannot address. Missing teeth can be replaced with a dental implant secured in place by a titanium screw.

Fitting an implant

Dental implant restoration is not a one-off procedure. It is a process. It takes two appointments done at least six months apart. The first step is a detailed x-ray and a procedure fitting the titanium posts into the jawbone. You will have to wait for appx 3 months, for the implant site to have healed and fused into the bone before the final step of securing a crown to the implant. The result a strong healthy natural looking tooth.

Let’s talk about the advantages

Most healthy people would always prefer dental implants over other dental appliance when they have missing teeth because implants look and feel like real teeth. Since implants are supported by posts planted directly into the jawbone, they stimulate mandibular function, hence keeping the jawbone healthy. Dentures don’t have this capability. Hence, wearers of dentures suffer from jawbone deterioration in the long run.

Implants last longer than bridges. In fact, they can last for a lifetime and only need adjustments, as recommended by your dentist. Alternatives like bridges and dentures will have to be replaced at some point.

Smiles look bright and natural. One common complaint of people wearing dentures is that they can’t smile or speak properly. They’re always aware of the device inside their mouths, which they have to keep from getting loose or falling off. With implants, you don’t have to struggle to speak. You can even laugh with friends at a funny quip without ever worrying about something slipping off your mouth.

You don’t have to worry about cavities, but you still will have to schedule in-office cleaning of the crowns, which can be done during your regular dental checkup.


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